Bobby-cover art-final.jpg


by Bobby Bridger

Lyrics from Bobby Bridger’s song, Bright Wings, encapsule much of the spirit of Vagabond Heart: “Wandering children wherever we roam. Vagabonds ‘till we return to our home. Trusting our instincts as futures we’ve known. Migrating dreams, shining wings to fly on.”  

To enhance lyrics like these co-Producers Bobby Bridger and John Inmon choose to create a sonic foundation of acoustic guitars played by Inmon, but based on Bridger’s unique finger-picking patterns. With this basic production structure in mind Vagabond Heart presents seven of Bridger’s songs and three cover songs in a wide variety of genres.

Vagabond Heart lyrically explores the migration of the human heart and its love affair with the majesty of nature; its instinctive desire to prophesize unique directions; the ambiguity of the truth; the transient, cyclical nature of the heroic; the magnetic enchantment of the stars; the power of surrendering to change; the love of all sentient beings; a lover’s betrayal; of following beckoning internal voices; and of seeking answers and finding surprises.